Join a rapidly growing company that is recognized and highly honoured by leading educational organizations. VINCI Education has received numerous awards for its education content. Our license program is designed as a turn-key operation that will give you all the tools to run a successful private school.


VINCI Academy is a business line of VINCI Education; a global company providing educational services to families with children from infants to school age. VINCI Academy is branded for all licensed businesses operating an educational facility delivering services to children aged from birth to kindergarten. VINCI Academy follows VINCI Education's award-winning early childhood curriculum and operating procedures for maximizing the growth potential of each child, academically and social-emotionally.

Through its owned, co-owned and affiliated schools and learning centers, VINCI Education currently serves over 50,000 children and their families world-wide.


VINCI Academy is committed to making a difference in children's lives, maximizing each child's potential by offering education services that are scientific, holistic, experiential, accountable, and relevant to each individual child's need.


The first years of life are the most important in shaping a child's future! Research has proven that the greatest opportunity for impacting a child's learning capability is in the years from birth to age five. Learning is sensory motor based and can be systematically developed on a physiological basis to promote academic readiness.


Take advantage of an established brand that has refined the philosophies of popular learning methods and combined them with our own technology to form a comprehensive curriculum. Use of our program gives you the following:
  • VINCI Connected Learning System
  • Full curriculum
  • Digital lessons
  • Little Books / videos and music
  • Training
  • Brand recognition
  • Support

Next Steps

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