Personalized Learning

VINCI Personalized Learning Plan

Purpose: To align goals and expectations between families and the teachers. VINCI schools lead the process to enable families and teachers to work together to identify and set goals for each of their students, in order to maximize each child’s personal growth.
Step 1: Establishing an inventory of student profile: families are invited to compose their child/children’s profile.

Step 2: Evaluation per VINCI Learning Standards
The evaluation focuses on each child’s current abilities, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Each year, an evaluation report is provided per term, ie 3 times a year.

Step 3: Identify Goals
Each term, goals are set after the evaluation.
2 social/emotional goals, supplemented with 1 academic related goal are set for students in the Toddler and Junior Casa programs
1 social/emotional goal and 2 academic goals are set for students 5 years and older.

Step 4: Teacher works with parents for a personalized plan, where the following are identified:

1) What Teacher expects parents to do at home
2) What parents expect Teacher to do at school

1) What tool is used
2) How much time Teacher expects parents to work with the student at home every week, or, how many exercises should be completed each week
3) Review and monitor progress weekly
4) Adjust plan at the end of the term